Sorry to disappoint at the first hurdle, but my name's not even Ernest.

I’m Ross, a copywriter with a decade of experience writing for some of the world’s biggest brands. In another life, I was a marketing manager. So I know the pains of finding a good freelancer, too.

If we ever work together, you’ll get a fresh perspective, a creative helping hand, and an easy working relationship. I write for all shapes and sizes of company, across most sectors, and in every written format.

But I draw the line at dictator manifestos.

(They cost extra.)

What I’m good at: web copy, advertising, case studies, interviews, marketing copy, whitepapers, newsletters, emails, articles, ebooks, reports, guides, and lewd jokes on Slack.

What I’m crap at: relentless daily social, microcopy, product descriptions, and anything too short or repetitive.

What I won’t do: advance apologies to tobacco, alcohol, oil & gas, gambling, weapons & arms, and Boris Johnson.

I won’t work with any of ya.

But, generally, I do a bit of everything. One Tuesday last year I was ghostwriting for a CEO in The Times, and by Friday I was working on anti-wrinkle cream for testicles.

(I’m not even joking.)

So if you’re looking for somebody experienced, but lighthearted, flexible, but with a distinctive style, and fast, but meticulous, then I could be your new favourite copywriter.

Let’s talk.