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We all make mistakes - Hello Ernest blog post

We all make mistakes. It’s how we fix them that matters.

In Matthew Syed’s 2015 bestseller ‘Black Box Thinking‘, he discusses how airlines widely share their mistakes and findings to prevent future disasters. The NHS, he says, does the opposite. They maintain a closed and defensive culture, due to a highly damaging culture of fear and punishment for mistakes. Outside of these life and death industries, …

Smoking the greatest rebrand - Hello Ernest blog post

Tobacco: the greatest rebrand in history.

It’s a balmy, September evening in Bristol. We leave the bar to get some fresh air, take stock of the night so far, and decide what’s next. Much to my surprise, a non-smoking friend lights up a cigarette, looks sheepishly at me and shrugs; “it’s a social activity…and having a lighter is a conversation starter …

Life as a marketer when you're really a writer - Hello Ernest blog post

Life as a marketer, when you’re really a writer.

I graduated from Bath Spa University in 2011 with degree in Creative Writing. After getting a 68 in my second year, I decided to have a relaxed final year; safe in the knowledge that I was almost guaranteed a 2:1. Not the most ambitious or forward-thinking move, but a forgivable teenage one. On graduating it took me 8 months …