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We all make mistakes - Hello Ernest blog post

We all make mistakes. It’s how we fix them that matters.

In Matthew Syed’s 2015 bestseller ‘Black Box Thinking‘, he discusses how airlines widely share their mistakes and findings to prevent future disasters. The NHS, he says, does the opposite. They maintain a closed and defensive culture, due to a highly damaging culture of fear and punishment for mistakes. Outside of these life and death industries, …

In defence of university and generation regret - Hello Ernest blog post

In defence of university and my thoughts on ‘Generation Regret’

Aviva’s ‘Generation Regret‘ report makes for some grim reading. It claims that more than a third of UK graduates now regret going to university and almost half feel they could have landed their current job without a university degree. It continues brightly; indicating that 72% of millennial graduates are “relying on a one-off event to help them financially” …