Supporting a 10 year content strategy

Supporting a 10 year content strategy

"Nails it first time. Ross is such a natural at understanding your brand’s tone of voice, and delivers content you can barely even tweak. Totally intuitive."

UCAS occupies a fascinating place in the UK higher education market. They're pretty much known by everybody who's been to university, or knows anybody who has been. But they do so much more than just undergraduate admissions.

Like actively helping young people avoid university, if it's not right for them. Or helping universities find the ones it IS right for. Or even working with huge global brands, to help them understand exactly what young people want.

Since 2018, I've been helping UCAS nail its comms across a range of B2B and B2C campaigns.

From launching new products and services, to distilling complex data offers into readable copy, and even writing high-level reports read by the most senior decision-makers in the sector – this has been one of my favourite partnerships for years. Everybody at UCAS is united behind making life easier, and better, for young people.

I've interviewed students, graduates, directors and vice-chancellors. I've worked alongside inspiring policy makers. I've teamed up with designers to tell stories that need more than just a good write-up.

But most importantly, I've been able to be a very small part of a hugely inspiring project. As somebody who used UCAS as a 17 year old and reaped the rewards of university, it's a pleasure every time I'm invited onto another project.

Need a writer who (mostly) can do it all? Hire me.