Helping a market leader stay on top

Helping a market leader stay on top

If you live in the UK, you've probably been kept warm and cosy by something made by Worcester Bosch. They're the nation's most awarded, most popular, and most successful maker of boilers.

But as market leader, with tons of competition, they need to be on point to stay on top.

So besides making the best products, they run a mammoth marketing strategy to hit every angle. I'm responsible for taglines, landing pages, SEO copy, educational content, and emails.

I've worked on multiple campaigns, aimed at everybody from first-time homeowners to self-employed plumbers.

It's my job to bring creativity and the customer's eyes to each project I work on, keeping SEO front of mind.

Nothing stands still here for long – especially during the energy crisis and recent cold winters. Writing commercially, but sensitively, requires a true understanding of the customer.

Need an SEO-savvy copywriter? That's me.