I’m Ross Jukes

Over the last ten odd years, I’ve always been involved in marketing of one form or another. Having trained as a writer, cut my teeth in digital, and eventually went onto full-service and management; I’ve job-hopped between sectors like the seats were never comfortable enough.

What became clear very quickly was that my writing background made me an ideas-and-messages person. I can find creative solutions to problems, and make the most straightforward propositions sound interesting, and I can craft those messages into different formats for different channels. And as one of those oft-maligned ‘digital native millennials’ – that’s where my innate talents lie. Google, iPhones, websites, social media, online advertising, existential dread. You know, the usual.

I help businesses understand the story in their staff, how to translate profit-chasing into purpose, and how to charm their customers. I’m available for projects, retainers and one-offs in copy, content, digital and social.

And I would love to work with you.

Ross Jukes signature

P.S – If you’re wondering… the business name Hello Ernest comes from my favourite writer, and the pen-name I adopted as a kid.
Plus, Ernest.com wasn’t available.